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Last Night’s EclectiNight

Last night was the first EclectiNight show in Staunton, Virginia sponsored by the Staunton Music Guild. It was a pretty awesome success, I think. The Murder Bros. were the only rock band who played, and there was Linda Swope, a classical oboe player who played with a keyboardist, and there was a Jazz Ensemble from … Continue reading

Murder Bros. Perform Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance Live   Check out this video from one of our shows. The sound is great, and the video is OK, too.


The Murder Bros. Appear Tonight in EclectiNights!

Come out and see the Murder Bros. perform as part of EclectiNights at Downtown 27 at the Clocktower in Staunton, VA. The event is sponsored by the Staunton Music Guild. The idea is simple: five different genres by five different local musical acts in one place on one night. Open-minded music-lovers are going to love … Continue reading

Power of the Blood!

Power of the Blood

The Murder Bros. are doing incredibly well with our new line up. Our sound is evolving, and we’re playing a bunch of new shows, including an impromptu one at the Stratton Building Event Room with Atom Fest and Wasted Year this Friday, the 20th of May. The other big thing is that we’re going to … Continue reading

The Loudest Party This Saturday

You know about the noise in Staunton, VA? You know about the Local Vibe? Well, the loudest, noisiest, vibest, party won’t have city officials or police officers there. It won’t be alt-country or be at an established venue. It will be at the Stratton Event Room in the basement of the Stratton building, 110 West … Continue reading

Last Night Was Rock and Roll

Last night at the Blue Nile was fantastic. It was cosmic. Astronomers rocked a set out to people a crowd who were very impressed by their melodic, very danceable brand of rock and roll. The Murder Bros. celebrated the arrival of our newest member, Stephan Eustler Murder, on lead guitar. At the end of our … Continue reading

The Newest Murder Brother

The Murder Bros. are pleased to announce that our family is getting bigger. We have a new lead guitarist named Stephan Eustler joining our ranks as the newest Murder Brother. Stephan has been in several bands and has released a solo project CD that’s fantastic. He brings with him an impressive set of skills that … Continue reading

Murder Bros. at the Blue Nile

The Murder Bros. on the Radio Tonight

The Murder Bros. are going to be on Wet Paint on 98.5. 98 Rock is a local station in the Shenandoah Valley that plays some local bands, and we can’t wait to hear our song on the radio with them. You can also listen online at And thanks a lot to everyone who came … Continue reading

Murder Bros, Wasted Year, and Courting Harlots at the Blue Nile on March 16

The Murder Bros. are going to play the Blue Nile with Wasted Year and Courting Harlots. You won’t want to miss it. Mark your calendars. This is an important show for the Murder Bros. Hope as many of you can make it as possible.

Karius looking bad ass

Thanks Again

The Murder Bros. & Friends shows are getting more and more awesome. Located in the Stratton Event Room, we bring bands to Staunton and give them a really cool space to perform with us. February, we had Courting Harlots. March will feature the Zombie Platypus Conspiracy. You have got to check it out.